The 25th hour

Last night Stubb and I did something that most married couples do.  Some couples do it regularly; others, only once in a while.  Many couples find that they do it less after they have children, but many still make time to do it once a week, often on the same night every week.  We don’t actually do it that often; it’s not that we don’t love each other, or that we don’t want to, but you see, our schedules don’t always accommodate it.  Plus, we don’t have cable and we only get a couple of channels with the rabbit ears.  So we don’t sit down to watch TV together very much.

However, a friend of Stubb’s recently offered him the first season of Rome, so we’ve got that sitting around, and after I dragged my sorry ass home last night after six hours of teaching and a stop for a gin and tonic on the way home, and we put the Snork Maiden to bed, I intimated that I might be, you know…in the mood to watch something.  Stubb proposed cribbage, but I didn’t think I had enough clarity left to remember all the ways to make fifteen.  I suggested Cold Comfort Farm (one of my favorite movies ever, and a fabulously funny book, too), but then we remembered we had Rome lying around. 

Since Television Without Pity  came along, the standard for what show I’m willing to spend an hour of my life watching has risen considerably; any show needs to be better than the experience of reading the TWoP recap, which only takes a fraction of the time it takes to watch the show and is almost always highly amusing.  I don’t think Rome reaches this high standard (I read the recap of the first episode after we watched it, and it was hilarious), but it was awfully nice to plop down on the couch with Stubb and watch a lavishly produced soap opera set in 52 B.C.E. 

So I might just spend the “extra” hour we get tonight from turning back the clocks watching the second episode with Stubb.  I am ridiculously happy about this extra hour.  I wish you could buy them.  That’s all I’d want for my birthday.

Also happening this weekend:

  • Attend Snork Maiden’s soccer game (Tie, 0-0.)
  • Write (Goal: 2 1 and 1/2 1 hour)
  • Grade 26 16 papers
  • Get a good night’s sleep on Saturday (Not bad, though of course I woke up earlier than I really meant to)
  • Clean the kitchen (it got a lick and a promise, but at least the dishes are done)
  • Hit the grocery store and do some advance cooking for the week
  • Prepare another job app (Actually, two!)
  • Clean out the car (currently serving as my adjunct office and in a disgraceful state)
  • Find and return delinquent library books (I think they’re in the car); take Snork Maiden to pick out some new books; get Harriet the Spy.
  • Added: make comments on draft for BAC student

If you’re in one of the 48 U.S. states that observe Daylight Saving Time, or in the Navajo Nation in Arizona, don’t forget to turn back your clock!


2 responses to this post.

  1. OMG, I would totally have forgotten about the time change, too, without this reminder! I’ll be sure to tell the colleague I’m having drinks with tonight, too. . . maybe this is an excuse to stay out later?

    And I’m with you on TV. I love the fact that everything is on DVD now, so I can see all the shows I’d otherwise miss as a result of not having cable (or watching much t.v.).


  2. Posted by meansomething on November 3, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    Hi Flavia,
    Glad to provide a public service! And yes, TV on DVD is great. I do miss having a special show to look forward to once a week, but maybe that’s just not realistic at this point in our lives. I think it would be fun to have TiVo someday, but not right now. And if we had cable right now, I think we’d have to regulate the Snork Maiden’s TV intake much more than we do now.


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