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In search of the perfect job, part three

Both the Snork Maiden and I are under the weather; not dreadfully so, but listless and blah and sniffly. 

The creative-writing section of the MLA job wiki  seems to be languishing a bit, too.  I don’t have anything to add to it; in fact, I didn’t apply for any of the jobs that are currently listed there.  This is my first year paying attention to the wiki–I didn’t really apply for anything last year, or at least nothing that I can remember now.  Anyway, someone has posted a plea for ideas to make the board better, and also a query about how to figure out how many people are using it.  If you have any thoughts, or if you weren’t aware that there is a creative-writing jobs wiki, go on over and check it out.

Nothing to report about the few job applications I have out.  On Friday, I went over to New RU during the break between my 2YC classes and picked up my ID for next semester.  I wandered around New RU’s attractive, well-kept campus for a while, poked around one of the libraries, and sat reading The Master in a twee little coffeeshop.  I felt simultaneously “in” (because I’m now a New RU faculty member, albeit a part-time one) and “out” (because I am still looking for an academic home).  So it was bittersweet.  But it was also a nice interlude in my 2YC day, made possible by the fact that I’d caught up on my 2YC grading. 

Back, now, to the big comfy chair and a book.  The Snork Maiden is sprawled on the couch watching a DVD.  This day has gone more slowly than most Sundays; it might be that we don’t feel well, that the weather is iffy, that I haven’t tried to do much.  After the Snork Maiden is in bed and the house is quiet (Stubb will be out tonight), I will look over what I wrote yesterday and work for a while.  Hope my energy is back tomorrow.