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Friday comic strip blogging

Once the coffee kicks in, I have a lot to do, so I’ll start very small:

I understand that Funky Winkerbean has just fast-forwarded ten years, but two things I don’t understand are:

  • Before the fast-forward, Funky seemed like a present-day strip, with visual references to computers, cell phones, etc., that looked pretty contemporary.  Is the strip now happening in the future?  Are Les and Summer going to get into a flying car?  Is that what New York (they’re on a visit) looks like in 2017?
  • Is that old guy in the New York branch of Montoni’s supposed to be Funky?   What happened to his forehead?  Did it collapse?  Or was it that his haircut gave him the appearance of a high, domed forehead?

Please spend your weekend pondering these questions.