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The vanishing pumpkin

The Vanishing Pumpkin (Sandcastle Books) 

This week has been pretty crazy.  I bought the cake mix and the cherry pie filling to make Vampire Cupcakes (link courtesy of Pop Culture Junk Mail), then had to turn the project over to Stubb, who baked, filled and frosted them.  But I figured out how to make the puncture wounds on the top even though we didn’t have a skewer or anything similar, by breaking off the middle tines of a plastic fork and leaving the outer two.  What we got was indeed a tray of cupcakes that looked as though a flock of small vampires had attacked them.  You get quite an effect with two dozen.

Spending a few hours on Halloween felt like a little vacation.  Now vacation’s over.  Next: grading, job apps, volunteering in the Snork Maiden’s classroom, bill-paying, and teaching.  But first: sleep.  My ravelled sleave needs some serious knitting up.