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Thanksgiving is for giving thanks

Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks

Not wanting to leave an aggrieved post up at the top of the blog for all of Thanksgiving, I’m taking a moment to remind myself of (and to share with you, invisible people) a few of the things I’m grateful for:

Stubb.  It’s a privilege to share my life with such a solid, kindhearted person, whom I admire so much and who makes me laugh so hard.  There’s no joy that isn’t twinned by sharing it with him, no sorrow that isn’t halved.

The Snork Maiden.  I won’t gush about her many excellent qualities, because it tends to sound as if I’m trying to take credit for them, but I will say that I also feel tremendously fortunate to be accompanying a cherished child through her growing up.

My mother.  Though I don’t want to take credit for the Snork Maiden, it seems clear to me that any good qualities of mine have their origins in my mother’s warmth, kindness, steadfastness, and joyful way of being in the world.

Pym Fan.  We recognized each other more than twenty years ago and have been recognizing each other ever since.  Her intelligence, kindness and clear-eyed way of looking at the world make everything easier to cope with, especially when I know I can either complain to or rejoice with her. 

I’ll let her stand in for other friends who also deserve individual entries–my wonderful sister, my cherished friend Midwest Writer, my sister- and brothers-in-law, my parents-in-law, my neighbors, and my newest friend, who doesn’t have a pseudonym yet, but with whom I hope to catch a movie this weekend.

Living peacefully in the United States among friends and neighbors of different races, ethnicities and religions, being given opportunities to work on diminishing my own racism and insularity, and thereby being given reason to hope that my country will help bring peace and tolerance, not violence, to the places where its influence reaches.

My jobs.  I know I’ve been complaining about my workload, and indeed, it is out of balance with the rest of my life and needs to change; still, I’m grateful to have meaningful work which I sometimes love, among people whom I generally like.  I am grateful for my students, many of whom work hard, all of whom are allowing me to be part of their education (and some of whom have had to tolerate the consequences of having an overworked, distracted instructor this term). 

And finally, hot water to wash the pile of dishes waiting for me in the kitchen.  Have a great day, invisible people.