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A is for aggravation

I am pretty sure I am not going to hear back from that department today.  Argh, argh, argh.  I think they were probably calling about an interview, but I’d really like to know for sure.  And if they were calling about an interview, it’s likely that mine will be the last interview to be scheduled.  Not that that’s really so terrible–I don’t believe that it’s necessarily good or bad to be first, or last, or smack dab in the middle–but I haven’t made reservations yet and if I am in fact going to MLA, it would be great to know when I have to be there because I really don’t want to be there the whole time if I don’t have to be.

Oh well.  I still have four days off.  Can’t really be grouchy.

This university is local, relatively speaking; that is, it’s in the next county, about 50 miles away.  Mapquest thinks it would take an hour to get there, but Mapquest knoweth not the traffic situation, which is bad.  Public transportation is a possibility.

But first they have to call me back… 

Time management for unmanageable people

It makes me a little sad that I’m plunging into the four-day Thanksgiving weekend full of plans for exploiting every moment to the max.  Even my plans for sleep are calculating: must get a full eight hours!  Every night for five nights! rather than “I’m going to go to bed when I feel like it and get up when I feel like it because this is a break, damnit.”  Really, this is not the way I usually live my life.  This is endemic to Fall 2007, and I’m hoping not to repeat this experience anytime soon. 

Under the circumstances, however, I feel pressure to use this precious time semi-efficiently.  And that includes scheduling in time to hang out with family and see friends, as well as write, clean house and grade.  As I write this post, the 116-hour span stretching ahead of me until the next time I walk into a classroom seems like a long blissful stretch, but really, it’s just four days.

Came home to a cryptic phone message from one of the five schools I applied to: could I please call as soon as possible.  Interview?  Or did I leave one of the pieces of the application out of the package?  (This is a different school from the one that requested further materials.)  Of course, no one is answering the phone.  I hope we connect before the holiday begins in earnest, otherwise I will be spending all of the waking hours out of the 116, and some of the sleeping ones, wondering about it.  (This happened to me once when I won a grant; the grant administrator called just before a holiday weekend and I didn’t get the message until their offices were closed.  Oh, that was a crazy-making three days.  I was pretty sure it was good news, but what if I was being named an alternate or something?)  For now, off to wash a few dishes.  Time’s a-wastin’.  Happy Thanksgiving!