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Persuasion (with added update)

via comebacknikki, a while back:

Anne Elliot!

(I admit to trying to pick the right answers to be Anne Elliot.)

Take the quiz here!

Monday evening update:  Despite my horrible forebodings of yesterday, both my classes today went exceptionally well.  In both cases, I think I might be seeing the kind of “jelling” of a kind of camaraderie that I’d usually prefer to see (and try to cause to happen) earlier in the semester, but I’m glad to be seeing it anyway.  The particular activities I’d planned have worked well for me in the past, but I was a little surprised they worked so well today.

And the University that Calls on Wednesday Morning Before Thanksgiving, Then Takes the Rest of the Day Off does indeed want to interview me–locally, rather than at MLA, which is perfectly fine with me.  The tally so far: five applications, one request for further materials, one interview.