Baker’s dozen

So I just got an auto-emailed request for a recommendation for a former NLNRU student who’s applying to film schools.  This shouldn’t be a big deal, because last year I wrote her a very detailed rec that I can cannibalize, but it’s reminded me that I also have thirteen requests, so far, for college recs from SA students.  And that the college counselors have requested that we complete these recs by mid-October–which means about three weeks from now.  Oh dear.  Not quite sure how to fit those in, but I’m going to set a goal of writing four of them this week.  (Gulp.)

I have a couple other goals for this week, too–

  • Work on my second book manuscript.  I’ve decided it needs some reorganizing, and there are two end-of-September prize deadlines I’m determined to make.
  • Make two more brief visits to English classes, thereby continuing the observation process even though I don’t have time to start the formal evaluations yet.

There’s also a long to-do list, but pretty much everything on it has to get done this week, while these goals are things I might put off in favor of the more pressing items on the list.

Monday interim goals, then: 1) One college rec. 2) Half an hour on the second book ms.  3) A ten- or fifteen-minute visit to someone’s class.

Along with the usual stuff: teaching, grading, some work on the online class, taking the Snork Maiden to pick up her new glasses and to her saxophone lesson.  (I don’t think I updated on her jazz audition, by the way.  Her band teacher let her into the jazz ensemble as a clarinet player, but says she’s not ready to play sax in jazz yet.)

One response to this post.

  1. I have fourteen to write! And have I started? Er, no, I have not. Ours are also due mid-October, but I keep waiting until I’m caught up on grading to start. The problem being, of course, that I’m not caught up on grading and don’t anticipate being so for awhile. Sigh.


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