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A river runs through it

Talking with Romola about why the first week of school was so damn exhausting, I said that I felt like a faucet with a broken handle: when I was teaching, I was just ON, all of my energy blasting out.  I’d forgotten how to regulate that outflow, and I emptied the tank, every single day this week.  By Friday I’d started to catch the rhythm of teaching again, to measure out my energy across the fifty- or ninety-minute class block, and across the day, and to direct and manage the energy coming back from the students.  But it was a rough start.  In some ways, I blame the department chair business: I probably thought less about teaching right before the semester began than in previous years, because I was so busy thinking about all that other stuff.

It was a perfectly fine week, though.  Both ABD Guy and Ph.D. Guy seemed to get going okay, as did the returning part-timer.  (I need to make sure not to overlook her as I think about supporting my faculty members.  She is a very competent, uncomplaining person and it might be easy to overlook her needs, but I’m sure she is thinking a lot about whether she wants to return full time next year and about her position within the department.)  It sounds like Ph.D. Guy is having a harder time with his history classes, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to help him there.

Friday night, Stubb, the Snork Maiden, and I went to a baseball game, but the Snork Maiden and I pretty much ran out of steam by the sixth inning.  Two good nights’ sleep and one nap later, and I feel almost normal again.  Hooray for one more day off!