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The Snork Maiden and I are visiting Stubb in a not-too-snowy place, and today is our last day.  We’re going to have breakfast with relatives, and then I’m borrowing a car to go and visit another relative, who is housebound.  I’ll return the car and we’ll have one more hotel evening while Stubb is at work–then up early on Sunday and flying home.  The time change will help us–we’ll still have the afternoon for resettling and laundry–but school begins again on Monday.

Trying not to be too jumpy about the things I haven’t done this break.  I have done some work things, especially before we left, and I will do others this evening and on Sunday as we travel.  Plus, I have Monday morning–I don’t teach until Monday afternoon–the challenge will be to hide out and not let the morning disappear in catching up with people I haven’t seen for two weeks.

We are actually where Elinor now lives, and the Snork Maiden and I had breakfast with her yesterday.  She’s at a school that is similar in some ways to SA, but different principally in that it is more “progressive” in its student life–students call faculty by their first names, students have a lot of say in school governance, faculty evaluations, etc.  It sounds kind of awesome in many ways, but also stressful for a new teacher, who is, as I’ve often said, an unknown quantity to students.  She seems to be managing very well, though.  It was great to spend time with her, and she gave me some additional perspective on teaching seniors, which I appreciated.

I finished the application for the Thing, and now I am starting to think about next summer.  I don’t have anything big planned except my usual summer conference.  If I do get the Thing this time, that imposes a certain structure–but if I don’t, I will get to make some decisions, I think, about how to spend the time.  Starting to discuss this with the Snork Maiden, too.  She has a couple of summer possibilities, although summer seems farther away to her than it does to me.

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  1. One of the things that I like about the FGS schedule is that there’s always a “faculty professional development” day on the Monday after a long break, and then the students come back on Tuesday. Now, the content of those faculty days is not consistently good, but it is a chance to get back on campus in blue jeans, catch up with colleagues, reacquaint oneself with one’s classroom, etc. before actually beginning to teach the next day. Unfortunately, the academic dean never leaves any time in the schedule for actually getting work done to prepare for teaching, but the day still eases us into back-to-school mode.

    Wishing you and Snork Maiden a happy new year, good traveling, and a relatively pain-free transition back to school.


    • Posted by meansomething on January 5, 2014 at 1:59 am

      The friend I visited after seeing you last summer teaches at a school where they do this AND there’s time to prepare one’s own classes, which seems perfect to me. Their teachers go back Monday, students Tuesday–which must also feel like a bonus day to the students! I’m totally going to bring this up as a possibility for us. (We actually have a faculty meeting on Monday afternoon–Lord, why?)


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