Playing for time

It’s weird how the rhythm of the days changes during exam week, especially now that most students have one exam rather than two per day (a recent change and a good one).  There’s an hour or two in the morning of hallways swarming with students, unexpected colleagues showing up to proctor, bits of year-end and ongoing business conducted.  Then two hours of total quiet during an exam, followed by a noisy but brief exodus.  There are still pockets of activity ’round the building, and the offices hum along more or less as usual, but you never know whom you’ll see, or when, or where.

The Snork Maiden is catsitting for a teacher who’s off grading APs, so after today’s exam (her last, as she took two APs and doesn’t have finals in those classes) she went to feed the cat and clean the litterbox.  The cat is very shy, so subtraction from the food bowl and addition to the litterbox are the evidence of the cat’s existence.  Meanwhile, I finished up some tasks at school before meeting Stubb for lunch to celebrate the end of exams for the Snork Maiden (okay, not totally, as she is taking SAT subject tests on Saturday).  And to say goodbye to Stubb, too, as he goes off to his summer gig.  The Snork Maiden will go visit him toward the middle of July and do some college visits.  Yes, she’s about to be a senior, which seems perfectly natural and also COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE.

I have a busy-ish weekend, but no grading until Monday.


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  1. Goodness, the Snork Maiden is going to be a senior!


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