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I am taking advantage of the Veterans Day holiday to go and get an X-ray, as recommended by the doctor I saw for the hip/glute thing.  I’m just having trouble getting myself together and out of the house.  Even the enticement of maybe eventually getting to see an image of my own skeleton, or at least of my lower spine and pelvis, does not seem to be working.

(I’ve never had an X-ray except at the dentist, so I’m a little unclear on at what point I might get to see my skeleton. I’m guessing it’s going to be a digital image, rather than one of those films that the forensic pathologist slaps onto the light box in TV crime shows, and that my doctor will look at it on her computer on Thursday or Friday.  This is also a big HMO, so I will probably get some kind of message about it at some point.  I like to know these things in advance.)

The imaging center, like the lab, works on a drop-in basis (see: big HMO), so I don’t even have an appointment to get me out of the house.  I have been trying to get some work done, and also stretch and foam-roll at intervals, but it’s been a pudding-brain kind of day so far.  I think a lot of my energy has gone into either coping with pain or pursuing activities that might help me hurt less.  It’s good to have a day off from school to regroup.