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The Saturdays

I wish I were doing a better job teaching this semester.  I’m not doing a bad job, exactly–and I am doing some things quite well and almost everything at least adequately–but I don’t feel on top of things.  Both the new prep and the extra course are drains on my time.  This week I had over 23 hours of scheduled face time with students and colleagues–18 of which were teaching, the others observations and meetings–and also prepped, graded at least one thing for 57 of my 68 students, finished writing report card comments, proofed other people’s comments, wrote 60+ emails (there are over 60 threads in my “sent” folder for the week, some of them containing multiple emails from me), to say nothing of all the informal conversations with students, faculty, and staff.  I had one-on-ones of varying length and intensity with Sebastian and Dinah (both of whom I observed this week), Orlando, Orsino, Dr. Tea, and our new faculty member, to whom I think I haven’t yet given a pseudonym.

The good news is that with college recs and report cards, I think the peak of the fall workload may actually have passed.  I’ve done the bulk of the teacher observations–I think I’ve done 11, and have 4 remaining to complete before Thanksgiving.  I will have papers coming in, but should be able to spread them out.

This weekend is going to be about taking care of life stuff and relaxing.  I will be at SA for three hours on Saturday while the Snork Maiden has rehearsal, and that should be just right for getting ready for the week ahead.  My easiest day of the rotation falls on Monday (though of course I’ve also got an observation of Sebastian and a meeting scheduled), so that helps me keep the weekend free.