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Letters to the lost

Random bullet time!

  • I’m now up to 12 letters.  I hope this will be it. The students are given October 1 as their deadline to ask, though, so it’s possible I’ll get more requests.  There’s a history teacher who has 20 to write–I feel for him, especially having done that in 2013.
  • So I need to write about 3 a week for the next 4 weeks.  (I don’t know whether I’ll get PSAT Day off this year. I won’t be proctoring the PSAT because the Snork Maiden will be taking it, so I’m not supposed to have anything at all to do with the test. I’ll probably be asked to chaperone the ninth-graders’ first aid/CPR training. It’s likely I’ll have at least half a day unscheduled, though, so I can probably count on getting three done that day.)
  • I’m really enjoying my two classes of sophomores. We’re getting started on the Canterbury Tales this week. I do have to comment on their summer reading essay drafts for Monday and figure out a revision schedule–my plan is to have them work on the essay at home while we slowly explore Chaucer in class together.  When I subbed for Viola a couple of years ago, it seemed as though they didn’t get much out of reading the Tales at home (either they didn’t read, or didn’t really understand what they read), so I’m going to try reading aloud with them in class.
  • Teaching a new prep is time-consuming, though.  I didn’t have a new prep last year, which was kind of nice!
  • Teaching a new prep is also fun.  Lots of surprises.
  • Teaching a new prep is also somewhat frustrating, in that the freshness of the new is always balanced against what you’ll do better when you’re not doing it for the first time.