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Numbers, mid-September

Number of classes: 5 (one is a one-semester overload)

Largest class: 17

Smallest: 11 (that’s the overload)

Average: 14 (well, 13.6, but while I may have some students who only give 60%, those tend to cause more work, not less.  Still, a very civilized average)

Total students this semester: 68

Second semester: 57 (unless I have to pick up something else for some reason)

College recommendations to write by October 19* (so far): 10

Recommendations begun: 1

Recommendations finished: 0

New faculty to mentor/observe/meet with: 1 (last year was 3; the year before that, 2)

AP essays to grade: 22 (should be 26, but 4 were absent)

Short essays to critique: 7

Sophomore short exercises to check: 17

*Kind of a fake deadline, because very few colleges have even an early deadline before November 1, but also not fake because you don’t want to be the one thing holding up the submission of the file through Naviance.