Mistaken identity

Or maybe I’m just wrong. My essay workshop met in two separate groups today, each for ninety minutes, and both groups were friendly, focused, followed directions, and got quite a lot done. Totally different energy.  Part of it might have been that I had rearranged the room into a more traditional rowlike arrangement; we’d been in a big circle the first day, which might have been a mistake, because they were all excited to see one another.  On the other hand, the counselors had talked at them in an auditorium for the first two hours of the day, so there might have been no way around the outbursts of energy and socializing when they got into smaller rooms.

Whatever the reason for the difference, I find that now I’m way more optimistic about teaching this grade again.  (I had about 35 of them last year as juniors, and will have roughly the same number as seniors–some repeats, some not.)

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