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Eyes only

It’s been a decent writing summer so far, despite unexpected events that have involved a lot of accompanying people to doctors.  I did finish and submit the solicited poem, and I ordered and revised a section of the new manuscript–twelve pages–to submit to the writing group and we’re discussing it tonight.  I haven’t shared anything this new with anyone in a long time, and I’m genuinely excited to see how it strikes them.  They’re not mostly poets, but they’re good readers and I am pretty sure their reactions will be helpful.

Today I have to read the other piece up for discussion, a screenplay draft, and I have plans to meet my fourth-grade teacher friend for lunch.  This is probably our last chance for a long chat before we both peel off for separate trips, and she is on leave in the fall, so we might not really see each other again until January.  Then I’m stopping for coffee with Dr. Tea later in the afternoon on the way to writing group.

I think that all the back-and-forthing has drained some of my blogging energy, but there’s a brief update, anyway.