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The first of July

Write, read, answer email, drive the Snork Maiden places, go to yoga, and visit people in the hospital or at home after they return from the hospital (my mom as well as Stubb’s dad–long story but things are improving)–that’s been the past week and will be the week ahead, as far as I can tell.  I keep thinking of posts I want to write and not writing them:

  • Yoga: the first three months of practice; what good teaching looks like; yoga-teacher names; what’s happening with my hamstrings and hips.
  • What it’s been like for the Snork Maiden to take a CC class, now half over;
  • The tenth-grade reading list: in need of revision, but still kind of awesome; stuff I’m thinking about for my classes in the fall
  • The one-day writing retreat I went on with the writers’ group (short version: it was great).

Today is in the same mold as the others: I’ve answered email and will now work on the solicited poem, which is coming along; then I’ll go over to my mom’s; then back to meet Stubb and jointly take the Snork Maiden to her sax lesson, visit his dad in the hospital, and take his mom out to dinner.