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Moving on

Slipping into summer rhythms without too much angst this year.  I’m back working on the new book, alternating chunks of writing time with family stuff, errands, seeing friends.  Last week–the first week of break–I spent a few hours at SA most days, and I figure I’ll continue that pattern this week, either morning or afternoon.  Tomorrow I’ll take the bus to NCC with the Snork Maiden and help her locate her classroom; then I’ll go back home and write while she’s in class.  I’m giving her a ride to a friend’s house after class, and I’ll go on to SA.

The major task is finalizing teacher deployment so that we are certain all classes are covered and everyone has the right load for next year.  By the end of the semester, I was able to tell everyone pretty much what their preps would be, but not necessarily how many sections of each class.  It’s also possible–because apparently enrollment is high in certain grades–that we will have an extra class or two to cover.  The person I need to talk with is Penelope, who does scheduling, since it’s not always just about numbers, but about having enough sections to be able to put students in the right classes.  Last year, for example, we could have run three AP Lit sections and accommodated everyone in terms of numbers, but the seniors’ schedules get so complex, with all the electives they can take and all the different levels of math and languages that seniors might be in, that we needed to run four just to make sure there would be a class for everyone who needed it.

The building will be busier than it usually is in June, because the summer programs are using a lot more of the high school rooms this year, due to construction on the lower school end of campus.  It will be nice to have the littler kids around–and I do enjoy seeing the older kids being counselors and aides.