The mysterious island

The Snork Maiden is hoping to take a community college class at Nearby CC this summer, and submitted her application to the college online last month–in advance of the deadline to enroll for summer, though just by a few days.  She got an emailed confirmation with the promise of more info within a few weeks–which may or may not be before the class actually begins.  So we’re looking through the college website to figure out her next steps.

The college website isn’t that easy to navigate, and pieces of similar but not identical information are available in different parts of it.  The schedule of classes is easy to find, but not so the information about concurrent enrollment for high schoolers and the exact timeline for turning in the pieces of documentation she needs.

One page implies that, having applied, she can pop into Admissions to hand in the paperwork from SA, but I think there’s a fifty-fifty chance they will tell her to wait until the system generates her student ID number, which it may not before the first day of classes.  I am pretty sure, based on my own experience as an instructor, that she can (and should) still show up for the class she wants to take and do the waitlist thing (especially since, as a HS student, she has lower priority than all the regular CC students), but I have only found one glancing and indirect reference to this practice anywhere on the new-student pages.

And I worked there.  If I’m finding it difficult to help her locate the information she needs, how hard is it for a parent who didn’t go to college themselves, or went to college 30 years ago in a different era and has had no experience with CC bureaucracies since then?


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