Book of hours

We didn’t make the extra trip to SA after all: the Snork Maiden decided she could do some of her studying without the binder, and we went today instead, on the way to a study group at her friend’s house.  However, I can’t say that my use of time has been any better than making the trip would have been; I lay around the house and napped and read, then Stubb and I went out for dinner with friends and stayed up late talking in the living room, and then I slept late this morning and went to yoga and took the Snork Maiden to her study group while Stubb went to rehearsal.  And then I came home and had a late brunch and took another nap.  Actually, all of this sounds fine except for the part where I haven’t graded any of these nicely printed final papers yet.

It’s not too late to make and stick to a (revised) grading schedule, wherein I grade 15 things a day–a mixture of my juniors’ final papers and my seniors’ final lyric essays (an assignment that most of them seem to have enjoyed so much that I’m considering having them do one at the beginning of next year).  I’ve even figured out the correct proportions for grading each of them over four days.  But to make that plan stick, I’ve got to do 15 this Sunday evening.  It’s still light out; I think I’ll take a quick walk to work out the kinks, and then devote an hour.  Something, anything done will be better than nothing, right?


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  1. Oh yes, every little bit counts — that was my mantra this year.

    Would you be willing to share with me your assignment for a lyric essay?


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