Travels with Charley

I brought the Snork Maiden home right after school yesterday instead of making her stay while I printed out all the final papers my students emailed me.  (I thought about commenting digitally but decided I wanted to write on these.)  So today I had to go in and do that job.  It took about an hour, and I also found that a bunch of desk copies had arrived with the second mail delivery on Friday afternoon, so I got to run around and be the elf who leaves books on your desk or in your mailbox over the weekend.  I came home with an armful of papers to start on today.

And then the Snork Maiden informed me that she left her chemistry binder in her locker.  The exam is on Monday.  In retrospect, I wish I’d stayed to do the printing on Friday.  Either she would have remembered to take the chem binder, or I’d have had to make only one trip this weekend.  The books could have waited until Monday.


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  1. It must be such a different experience to see exam week from a student’s perspective in addition to your teacher’s perspective!


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