Dinner at eight

There are so many things I keep thinking of writing about, but then I get busy with something else.  Short update: a few more days of classes remain, then exams, then the last day, then graduation.

Today the post that is escaping my brain and making it onto the blog is about the number of food-related events remaining in the school year–because, as you know, we are interested in food.  We have:

This week: The annual employee appreciation lunch, put on by the parents’ organization, catered by a local restaurant.  The lunch is scheduled 11-1 in the hope that everyone can manage to drop in.  There have been a couple of years when I either haven’t made it or had to do a flying visit to grab a plate as opposed to getting to sit down with faculty and staff, but I’m pretty sure, barring emergencies, that I’ll be able to sit down this year.  There is usually a giveaway of some SA-branded product like a water bottle, notepad or coffee mug, and you also receive a raffle ticket when you walk in and choose to drop it into the drawing for one of ten or twelve prizes (mostly gift cards).

Next week: A reception at a local restaurant for a college counselor who’s leaving–snacks and soft drinks provided, no-host bar for alcoholic beverages.  Also, the department lunch at a local restaurant.  Alcohol can be ordered at this–I checked on this last year.  You know it’s almost the end of the year when we start going off campus and drinking.

The week after school ends: Following the closing faculty meetings, we have the school-sponsored employee end-of-year lunch, which includes acknowledgments and of people’s employment milestones and people who are retiring or leaving for other jobs.  There will probably be a huge slideshow for the GGE, and I happen to know (because I was consulted) that the table themes are literary ones to acknowledge his years of teaching English (which he only stopped doing a few years ago when the job just got too big).  I postponed my jury duty to this week, and I’m hoping that I won’t get called in on the day of the lunch.  It seemed like a small risk when I made the decision (and I really didn’t want to do it any deeper into the summer), but as the day gets closer, it seems like a bigger one.  It is a nice celebration and I would be sorry to miss it this year.  (This one is also off campus and features a hosted bar.)

After a couple of pretty intense weeks, my workload is diminishing–I commented on 35 rough drafts for my juniors and now I just have final papers for all of my students.  No exams this spring for the first time in my SA experience, since we don’t do finals in AP classes as a rule, and all my classes were AP this year (not again next year, thank goodness).  Still wrapping up other things–distributing the literary magazine, placing students in classes, finalizing deployment.  I spent a couple of hours ordering desk copies, thanks to encouragement from What Now?, and saved the department $200 or so.  The next few days will be busy but not awful, and then there will be a bit of a lull during exams.  Stay tuned if you enjoy my obsessive summer planning mode–I feel it coming on!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ah, glad that the desk copy plan worked out! I know that it can be time-consuming, but it’s the sort of detail work that I enjoy.


  2. Posted by Pym Fan on May 25, 2015 at 10:15 pm

    Whew! What a lot of celebratory food events! That’s good, though, assuming you get to go and partake and SIT DOWN. Good luck with the jury duty roulette thing…


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