The night manager

May isn’t very old yet, but so far it has been a month of secrets.  First, Sebastian; then another English teacher came up with a Situation that we have to work around, and that I hope will work itself out in the best way possible; we’re doing a search for a major administrative position; and, most distressingly, a colleague has recently been diagnosed with cancer–treatable but life-changing nonetheless.  I feel like I’m carrying around a number of invisible burdens.

At least we finally got the art and literary magazine off to the printer.  I really would like to hand this responsibility off to someone else.  I would throw it into the lap of the art department (since they have been known to complain about how we do it–although they haven’t volunteered to take it on, and the only one who offers to help is so vague and spacey that I don’t think I could deal with working with him–I can barely manage a short conversation), but I worry about what would happen to the literary component.  The department is getting a new chair, though, and I get along well with her, so maybe we can put our heads together.

One AP done, the other coming up this week.  Glad I won’t repeat the AP-only courseload of this year.  Looks like next year I’ll need to take two tenth-grade classes and two senior AP Lit.  That seems like a good spread to me.

I’ve got to get AP and honors approvals done.  That’s the next big project.  Somehow the teaching is still getting done, but some days I have no idea how.


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  1. I hope that the second half of May is quiet and peaceful. Okay, the likelihood of that happening as school ends is close to nil, but it’s still worth hoping for!


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