The beautiful and the damned

I was feeling pretty awesome on Thursday night.  I came back from a short visit to Hometown on Sunday, met various teaching and administrative challenges during the week (including fluffing up my AP students, who start taking exams on Monday), and on Thursday hosted a job candidate–a successful visit that may result in an actual hire.  Then I came home and wrote and submitted an AWP 2016 proposal I’d managed to pull together over the past couple of weeks (deadline was Friday).  So although I was a little underslept on Friday morning, I waltzed into school feeling pretty good, considering that it’s the Friday before AP exams and all.  charlie

And then Sebastian told me that he might be leaving.

As I told Dorothea (the only person I can talk to about this, as it’s confidential among the three of us for now), it was a Charlie Brown moment:  AUUUUGGHHH!

Sebastian might have told Orlando, with whom he shares a classroom, but I won’t talk with Orlando about it.  I would love to share this with Dr. Tea, but I won’t until it becomes more real.  The situation is that Sebastian’s partner works at a school near where they live, and there’s a sudden opening that looks quite Sebastian-shaped and…well, we’ll see what happens.

I broached the subject of Sebastian’s partner last year when we were hiring three people, but there didn’t seem to be much interest (on their part).  It wasn’t clear to me that they really wanted to teach at the same school, but it sounds like they do.  And they are a little more connected to the partner’s school community because they live close by…and the geographical advantage is a big one.  (I think we’re a better school, but then I would, wouldn’t I?)

Of course I understand why he needs to try this out, and I know we’ll manage another hire if we need to (or two if this one doesn’t go through).  This is hard for me to contemplate, though, because Sebastian is a terrific teacher and has just started to dig in and get more involved in SA (it’s his second year).  And because he is a good colleague.  But perhaps most of all because the Snork Maiden really loves him.  He taught her last year and she trusts him and takes her writing to him.  She showed him her submission for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards this year, for example, and rejoiced with him when she got an honorable mention.  Several of the people who have left or are leaving (faculty and graduating students) are people she’s been close to, and she’s had a hard time with that.  I wish I could keep her from losing him, but I know I can’t.

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