Pluck and luck

I hate spring.  It’s the Sunday night of the academic year, when anxieties about not having done enough rear their ugly heads.  (Actually, looking at that post from almost seven and a half years ago reminds me of how much better my life is now.  Maybe things aren’t that bad.)

Today’s bright spot was learning that the junior we nominated for an NCTE achievement award in writing received a “superior writing” recognition, the first one we’ve had in several years.  Yay.

There were other bright spots, to be honest.  I’m just feeling kind of stressy right now.  Too much going on.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the stress. I was just thinking this weekend (not to rub this in) about how my springs are easier now that I’m not advising the art/literature magazine and am not the acting department head. Both of those jobs had significant springtime demands, but my “normal” life doesn’t. And though my seniors are getting a bit squirrelly, they’re mostly hanging in there, and we’ve only got three weeks until the AP Lit exam. And for the last two weeks of the term, they’re on senior projects. Only six weeks of classes left for us — how about for you?


  2. Oh, and what was your final judgment on teaching Crime and Punishment? Worth the time and effort, or not? I’m going to ask for some serious feedback from my seniors on what worked best and least well and what they’d recommend for next year, when I’m teaching the course for a second time.


  3. Posted by Bardiac on April 21, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    That’s exactly the right way to characterize spring! If only it could be a bit warmer (snow today) and I had free time to enjoy it!


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