Archive for March 28th, 2015

Help wanted

Oh, I also did a phone interview with a local candidate.  She and this job probably aren’t the right fit for one another, exactly, but I think she’s great.  She left grad school ABD and has taught at her current school for ten years.  She has done so many interesting things at her current school–revised curriculum, started a speakers’ series, contributed to the community in different ways.  She is really looking for a new challenge, probably at a school that’s more open to innovation than her current school, and while SA is moving in some new directions and who knows what might be possible in a year or two, what we probably need and can offer right now is someone who can teach this particular tenth-grade course, and I didn’t feel right trying to entice her to come over and take a look at us–at this point, anyway.  I was pretty frank about this, but asked her to please stay in touch.

Sleeping on the wing

I slept OK last night, just not long enough–about seven hours.  I had scheduled a massage first thing–and it was wonderful.  Lots of deep tissue work–I hope I’m not sore tomorrow.  Today I just had a nice Saturday.  The Snork Maiden and I played arcade games with Bestfriend and her mom and sister for about an hour, then Bestfriend came over and hung out until it was time for the Snork Maiden and me to go to the party we helped make for our friend.  I got in some reading and a little nap.

Spring break is half over.