Haven’t broken anything today, and there isn’t much time left before bed.  I did track my time pretty closely today.

Sleep: 9 hours

Personal projects: 5 hours*

SA Admin: 2.5 hours**

SA Prep: 1.5 hours***

Driving: 2 hours****

Meals: 45 minutes

Family tasks: 30 minutes*****

Reading: 30 minutes******

Breaks: 30 minutes

Exercise: 30 minutes

Housework: 15 minutes

*Not, unfortunately, writing.  The big project was working on my part of this party for our (temporarily, following surgery) housebound friend.

**Much of this was reviewing and communicating with job candidates.  I am hoping to meet a few local candidates next week, and we have someone from out of the area coming shortly after break.

***Tidying up my classroom, organizing some grading to take home, looking over my Slaughterhouse-Five materials, some stuff for the literary magazine–probably some of this is Admin rather than Prep.

****Good grief, the driving.  I was taking the Snork Maiden to a friend’s anyway, so I went in to SA and did my work, but then she had a sax lesson…I am driving half again as much (conservative estimate) as I normally do during the week.

*****Signed the Snork Maiden up for online driver’s ed; she can get her learner’s permit next month.  Made an online request for the city to come out and look at a tree in front of our house that needs trimming, and reported some fallen and broken branches.  Bank stuff, etc.

*****Slaughterhouse-Five, though I will go to bed now and read something else.



3 responses to this post.

  1. You are having a very productive spring break, but not quite as restful as it could be, what with the driving and the SA work and all the rest. I hope you can have a totally down day at some point before you return to school!


  2. Posted by Pym Fan on March 27, 2015 at 4:03 am

    I agree with What Now?–! Where is the down time?? Productive is fine, but let’s see some REST!


  3. Posted by meansomething on March 27, 2015 at 6:05 am

    Thanks, friends! I have been having fun, too–though I guess it’s not down time if I am tracking and planning it to this extent. Didja notice I am sleeping a lot, though? Love that part!


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