Awake and sing

It’s okay if this is not very interesting to you:

Sleep: 8 hours

Reading: 2 hours (mostly a nonfiction book that has some bearing on my current writing project)

Visiting/lunch with a friend: 2 hours

Driving (to/from SA, and picking up the Snork Maiden): 2 hours

SA work: 2 hours (mostly administrative stuff, but some teaching stuff.  Tomorrow I need to update my database with the last week’s job applicants)

Personal projects: 2 hours

Personal care, meals, cooking, housework: 1.5 hours

Exercise: 1/2 hour

Watching Jeopardy!: 1/2 hour

Not quite sure where the rest of it went–phone calls, emails, checking Facebook, reading blogs, and so on, for sure, but what else?  There might be another half hour of reading in there, last night before bed.  I wasn’t particularly vigilant about Time Tracker today, so this is mostly estimation.

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