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First day of spring

Well, here we are in spring break 2015.  In a characteristic reaction to the prospect of sixteen days of largely unstructured time, I updated my Time Tracker phone app, which I haven’t used much in the last few years, and took off all the NLNRU-related categories, replacing them with some more specific spring break activities in an attempt to notice how I spend my time this break and, of course, spend it in ways that I will be happy about later.

So here’s a rough accounting of how I spent the past 24 hours or so:

Sleep: 10 hours (!)

Working on tax stuff: 3 hours

Driving the Snork Maiden to and from a volunteer commitment: 2 hours

Going out to dinner and hanging out with Stubb: 2 hours

Meals: 2 hours

Housework and cooking: 1 hour

Breaks from tax stuff, housework, etc., mostly spent Web surfing (I think there was a shower and some personal care in there also): 1 hour

Exercise (bodyweight workout): 1/2 hour, including warm-up and stretching/cool-down afterwards

Personal projects (this blog, a few emails, planning a party for a friend): 1/2 hour

SA email (to two job candidates and a colleague): 15 minutes?

Now I’m going to go to bed and read!