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I am legend

I think I was right about Mrs. Candidate.  She’s settled into a colorful teaching persona which I can easily believe has become familiar and successful at her current school.  A lot of her teaching demo focused on establishing that persona.  She is smart and literary, no question, but the teaching wasn’t persuasive.  I think we’ll keep looking.

Spring break starts at the end of Friday.  I have that somewhat anxious feeling I get when break is imminent–wait!  I still have school stuff to take care of!  I’m not ready for break!–even though I have been longing for the break.  My desk is a mess and I have grading and planning to do–plus I have more candidates to review and people to bring to campus when we get back.

I’m also thinking of going to a teacher retreat put on by our state independent school association.  It would take me out of school for a couple of days after spring break, in a week when I’d already planned to take a personal day–I don’t think I’ve ever missed more than two days in a week, and that very rarely.  It would be easy for the inconvenience and the sense of responsibility to keep me from going.  But then I think about how I would feel about it a year from now, and I think I’d look back and say that was a complicated week to plan for, but I’d be glad I went.  I need to talk to Ivanhoe (that’s my new pseudonym for the Upper School head) on Friday about that.