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The village effect

The same kinds of obsessions are dominating the weeks before spring break this year as last–staffing, Snork Maiden stuff, the dance concert (which is this weekend).  This year, summer book orders are due before break, but school-year book orders are due after, for which I’m very grateful.  I started reminding people weeks ago, so we are actually pretty close to finalizing most of our lists, but it’s good to know we’ll have time over break to read and agree on any late choices.

Our boys’ basketball team made it into the finals, and Dr. Tea and I trekked over an hour away to attend the game–which they played hard but lost.  It was fun to drive there with her, fun to sit in the stands with Romola and her husband, Akela, and some other faculty and coaches, fun to watch the student section going crazy (and our school had a much better turnout than the rival team’s).  It was also, however, physically pretty overwhelming.  The gym was too hot; noisy, of course; the game was close and tension-filled.  I had a headache during and after.  Also, I guess something was going weird with me hormonally, because the next morning I got my period–just sixteen days after the start of my last period.  This isn’t the first weird menstrual experience I have had since getting into my mid-forties–I had one really long cycle (more than five weeks) in the fall of 2012–but mostly I have been pretty regular, with cycles on the short side, but they’ve always been on the short side–26 days instead of 28.

On the staffing side (and on a different aspect of fertility), it turns out that Olivia, the new tenth-grade teacher, is expecting her second child in September!  So we probably do have to hire one person, at least.  She’s still weighing her options around leave, but at the very least we’ll need her courses covered for most of the first semester. More on this, I’m sure, as we figure it out.

Two weeks until break!