The speed of sound

I haven’t been using my iPod lately when I run, and while sometimes I miss having a really good running tune to help me pick up the pace, overall I think I prefer being able to hear what’s around me, and I am surprised by how often I stumble over a useful thought.  Today, for example, I thought of a discussion activity for my juniors, who have just finished reading Death of a Salesman, and also conceived of a handout which will be called “25 Things to Say about a Text other than ‘It’s Relatable.'”  (If you know of, or wish to contribute your own, existing rants on this subject, please share!)

Stubb took the Snork Maiden to rehearsal, and I’m doing stuff around the house.  In a couple of hours I will head over to SA and do prep for tomorrow.  There’s this batch of AP practice essays I really should get back to one group of juniors tomorrow–the other group got them on Friday–but I wonder whether I have that in me.  Maybe if I break up the batch of 20 into smaller sets–grade 4 at SA, 4 before dinner, 4 after dinner, 4 at home in the morning, and 4 at my desk before class starts.  We’ll see.


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