A week in winter

It’s been a strange week so far, mostly because my comings and goings have been unorthodox.  Routines and habits are so much a part of my school life: my arrival with the Snork Maiden usually between 7:27 and 7:33; the way I push my purse into the bookshelf behind my desk, leave my cell phone on the windowsill, throw my jacket over the back of my chair, and turn on my computer within a minute of walking into my classroom; the many little routines of my classes; the pour-over cups of coffee I make two to four times a day.  I rarely leave before 4, and often stay until 5:30 or later when the Snork Maiden has rehearsal, as she often does.

But this week I’ve come in late (Monday, 10:00 after the doctor) and early (Wednesday, 7:15 so that the Snork Maiden could do some forgotten homework).  I left early on both those days, too, once because I didn’t feel well and once because I had other business to take care of. Tuesday I left late (after 6). In other ways, all is typical: I’ve taught eight classes, graded nineteen short answers, collected thirty-five in-class essays which I’ll grade tomorrow and Friday, produced a couple of handouts, updated a PowerPoint, hosted a literary-magazine meeting, had another meeting with a couple of student journalists and the journalism advisor, attended a faculty meeting, had a couple of confabs with Orsino and Dr. Tea. But the unusual arrivals and departures combine to make me not quite understand that it’s almost Thursday.  The weekend will be a busy one, with both school and family events; I’ll have to try to carve out some down time for myself.

At least, if my grading goes as planned, I won’t take any grading into the weekend with me.  By the middle of tomorrow, all of my AP students should have written a practice essay either at home or in class (I say “should” because a few of the Lit students didn’t turn theirs in today), and I’m hoping to turn those all back tomorrow afternoon and Friday.  I’ll have some planning to do–notably, the reading assignments for Crime and Punishment–but no grading that can’t wait until the beginning of the week.

Thanks for your good wishes on my thumb/wrist and arm!  The injection site is bothering me more than the thumb/wrist situation, which I guess is good, as it’s more likely to resolve itself without aftereffects.


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  1. Posted by Pym Fan on January 30, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    Here’s to carving out that down time!


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