The lost princess of Oz

Pardon me for ignoring the wider world and its troubles in this space, for the most part. Everyone needs a place to natter, and this is mine.

So Dorothea got approached for, and is interviewing for, another job.  She’s happy at SA, but careerwise this would be a step up (department chair).  She has spoken to the GGE and me about whether there is a way for her to take a career step up at SA in the near future, and unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be, unless I get abducted by aliens–and actually, even if I did get abducted by aliens, I’m not sure she would be first in line to be chair: she is mostly in middle school, there are more senior people, more subject-matter experts, who come to mind as leaders of the 6th-12th grade English faculty.  I met with the GGE today to muse about it, and I think we’re on the same page–hoping we don’t lose her yet but not seeing a way to compete with this opportunity if it materializes and she decides to go for it.  I’ve wondered how we would accommodate her interest in taking on more leadership roles; I see opportunities for her to do more in her role as assistant chair for middle school English (which was created in part to give her a way to advance), and other ways she could become more of a player in the school, but I think it might be a couple of years, at least, before there’s a way to craft a new job and a title to go with it.  And she doesn’t want to leave the classroom altogether, or even mostly, nor do we want her to; she’s still more valuable to us as a teacher than in any other role.

So.  We could lose Dorothea.  I said to the GGE that if this particular job doesn’t happen, we are probably safe for a year or two, since she has a wedding to plan, plus possibly other life decisions like house-buying and so on, and might not be up for a full-bore job search as well.  But eventually she will probably decide to let her ambition take her somewhere else.

I filled out an online recommendation thing for her prospective employer, and I was appropriately effusive, even as I was aware that I was flooding them with reasons to hire her.  Sigh.  I said to the GGE that I had been hoping we wouldn’t have to hire this year, and he said, “Oh, you should always assume you’re going to have to hire.”  I suppose there’s wisdom in that–and if it ever turns out we don’t have to hire, that will probably be a pleasant surprise.  Actually, after this year, hiring fewer than three would be a relief.  One would feel like a vacation.

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