To begin again

Pretty good first day back, although I didn’t pace my AP Lit classes well and have to tie up some loose ends when I see them again on Wednesday.  Not used to watching the clock or thinking about wrapping things up neatly at the 50-minute mark.

Dr. Tea and I did get to take our walk, and three 2014 alums stopped by.  They all loved their first semester of college.  One is already planning to major in comp lit and is starting German next semester (he got up to a year post-AP Spanish at SA).  One is a business major in Boston, but she spent her first semester abroad. One is in the UK studying English literature.  They all managed to come at fairly convenient times, too!

When I got home, I had a jury duty summons–haven’t had one of those in a while: actually, not for more than four years.  Now you can request a postponement online, which I did, so now I know that I’ll be on call for the first week of spring break.

I kept my Seinfeld chains going by taking the walk with Dr. Tea (exercise) and writing for a while after school.  Now I’m going to do the third one, cleaning, by clearing out a couple of shelves in a kitchen cabinet. I should probably grade for an hour, but I might go to sleep early and get up early instead.  It was hard getting up this morning, but once I was out of bed, I remembered how much I actually like being up in the early hours.


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