Vacation dreams

Cold is better.  After one restless night, woke up with a half-numb and tingly thumb. I often wind up sleeping with one hand tucked underneath me in an awkward position, so this was not entirely unprecedented, but unfortunately the semi-numbness has persisted for a couple of days and on Sunday I also made the mistake of telling that one acquaintance about it–the person who has had the most hand-related problems of anyone I have ever met: disability-leave-worthy, surgery-requiring hand problems, and of course her reaction was all Nerve Damage! Get thee to a specialist! It’s probably too late already! and you can’t call anyone on Sunday, so immediately my whole hand started aching and tingling.  (Even as I was saying, “Hey, can I ask you…” there was a little voice in my head saying No, this is not a good idea! )  I decided to restart the anti-inflammatory that my doctor gave me for the butt thing, and wear a wrist support, both at her suggestion, and actually it feels a lot better.  (I also moved the mouse to the other side of the computer.)  Will keep an eye on it for a few days and see someone if it doesn’t resolve.

Weird and remember-able dreams lately, mostly as a result of going back to sleep after waking up at the normal SA time.  My dreams have featured odd constellations of people from different parts of my life, all milling around together, mostly quite cheerfully.  I wish I could remember details, because the impression these dreams left was pleasant…

Two nights ago, I dreamed I was back at NLNRU, teaching a poetry class. Most of the students were people I’d taught before, which had me scrambling to come up with something new to them.  I hadn’t ordered books, of course, because I hadn’t known I was teaching the class. I decided to have each person choose a pop song, from any era, that was important to them, and prepare to sing it to the class. Then they would write a poem in which they tried to access, in a big, ambitious way, whatever made that song so important to them.  I wasn’t entirely comfortable being back at NLNRU, but I was glad to be earning the extra money, and I was happy to see those students again. My colleague from this post was there, too, and doing that jumping-in-with-a-followup-question just as in that post!

My Seinfeld chains are six days long, which is quite satisfying, although I am disappointed that because of a series of miscommunications with Stubb and the Snork Maiden, I didn’t get the chunk of morning work at SA that I meant to do today (had to leave abruptly and pick her up, but then ended up waiting around for the other family to bring her to the meeting place).  Oh well, I did bring home the stuff I need, so I’m thinking a session Tuesday, a session Wednesday, and then knock off early for New Year’s Eve, just like a regular working person.


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  1. Posted by Bardiac on December 30, 2014 at 4:25 am

    I hope you feel better quickly! I had to look up the Seinfield Chain thing. Interesting.


  2. I’ve been having really involved dreams also, but I hadn’t put it together with my sleep schedule being different because school is out. That makes sense, and gives me something to look forward to when school starts again!


  3. […] the reason I went online to book the appointment was that I wanted to talk with her about the thumb thing, which hasn’t quite resolved, and the online system helpfully suggested I needed a Pap smear, […]


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