The years (2011)

Christmas Eve and Christmas were on a weekend in 2011, and I liked that. I worked into the first few days of break to clear the decks for our Denver trip, which was fun despite a back/butt pain problem that might have been the first appearance of the butt problem I’ve had more recently. It turned out that we did, in fact, go away over winter break four years in a row–more on that in subsequent posts. I also looked back over 2011, the year in which I finished my second book–or so I thought, since I did put it through another revision this year. Still, that freed me to start work on the next one, which is the big pile of poem fragments and a few finished poems that I have in front of me right now.

I also decided that I needed to start acting like I know I’m fabulous, kind of along the lines of Lenny Dykstra, but, as Bardiac pointed out, without the getting arrested part.

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