The years (2009)

Before winter break of 2009, I observed that the students were getting on my nerves, and the seniors were poisoning the atmosphere with their college anxiety, and that I was grateful that I didn’t teach seniors.  Now that I do, I am both more sympathetic and more annoyed.

I set a goal of 50 hours of work on my second book during break, and spent 33.  This year, I haven’t done any writing yet except for Morning Pages, but inspired by Clarissa, I’m going to start a Seinfeld Chain today.

The Snork Maiden got glasses, and I figured out that I was most productive when I was able to get up early (duh, for me).

We got new phones, which means that my phone is five years old, which might explain why it feels so obsolete now.

I read a lot over winter break 2009 and decided to share some of what I had read, inspired by reading through the archives of Mimi Smartypants.  Who is now making I-might-stop-diarying noises, which make me sad.




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