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The years (2008)

Winter break 2008 featured the birth of our youngest nephew, who is turning six this year.

Fall 2008 had been my first fall semester at SA, and the challenge of doing so many things for the first time had left me very much in need of a break.  It’s definitely better now.  And I was screening manuscripts for a book contest.  And I was surprised to find that some high school students give their teachers holiday gifts.  (This year was pretty much as usual: a few Starbucks/Barnes and Noble cards, a few homemade or store-bought treats.)  This was also the year we began a tradition of going to a particular pub/restaurant to hear our caroling friend; I guess this year will be our sixth time doing that?  The Snork Maiden was coming down with something that evening, but I managed not to get sick until break, when I got a cold.  (I have one right now, unfortunately, but it seems pretty mild so far.)


The years (2007)

I thought I’d take a look back at winter breaks of years past since I began this blog in 2007:

In December 2007, I was still crazy-busy adjuncting at 2YC and NCC, and getting ready to teach my first NLNRU class in January. I had already decided to take winter quarter off from 2YC, but didn’t know that I would get the SA job in February and not return to 2YC. I think that was the only year I actually made it to the 2YC holiday party, though I still have the mug that was the party favor. I had four interviews at MLA Chicago, all of which went fine, or so I thought, although I confess I can’t at this moment remember what all four schools even were, and I don’t think I got any flybacks.

(Apparently the SA job possibility appeared on the horizon at the end of January–and I started teaching there on February 19, the Tuesday after Presidents’ Day. On that day in 2015, I’ll have been at SA for seven years, longer than I’ve been at any other institution.)