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Here comes everybody

  • All my library books have due dates in 2015.
  • Our city library buys extra copies of popular books and lends them for a nonrenewable 7-day loan period.  I was at the library today and saw several books on these shelves that I’d like to read, but contented myself with jotting down the titles and plotting to come back as soon as winter break starts.  If I get them now, I’ll never read them before they’re due.
  • I did pick up a few books I’d requested from other branches, but these are the normal three-week loans (due back the last Saturday of break, and also renewable).
  • Irritating me right now:
    • For rarely sending an email that doesn’t make work for me: the Librarian.  Two or three times a week, she sends me a link or forwards a post from her school librarians’ listserv with an inquiry about whether I think she/we could/should do something like this or with a more general request for my response.  I know she is only trying to be collegial–no, wait, scratch that: sometimes she’s just trying to be collegial; sometimes she is reaching out for support, because she is curiously averse to doing anything in her realm without consulting multiple people for advice or permission.  And yet the ideas she forwards are often really large projects that would take significant initiative and time to do.  I have gotten into a pattern where I respond promptly but briefly to about three out of four of them and let the fourth one slide.  That seems like the right ratio for not encouraging her too much.
    • Oddly, Romola, for being apparently helpless in a situation that she should have known how to handle, but we resolved it.  I am beginning to recognize a pattern in women who when they were children lacked good-enough mothering, in Winnicott’s phrase, and as adults seem to become helpless in the hopes of getting some caretaking from older women (even not-that-much-older women, in the case of the Librarian, who also enacts this dynamic; Romola, at least, is more than ten years younger than I am). I suspect this means that I am now old enough to be the older woman.
    • Finally, Penelope, for not thinking through a better way of introducing a newly  required task to the faculty, and instead insisting repeatedly that the task would be “easy,” thereby attempting, and failing, to erase people’s awareness that they are being asked to do an extra task (which might, conservatively, take an extra half hour a week).  The task itself is not at all unreasonable, I should point out, but trying to make teachers stop noticing that it is an extra task just makes us mad.  Some of my eleventh-grade composition and rhetoric students could have done a better job getting us on board.
    • Clearly it is time for a break.
  • I spent most of today at a family function, and have to go to a holiday party this evening, and a memorial service for an SA staffer tomorrow afternoon.  So Sunday morning and Sunday evening will have to contain all the work, errands, and Hanukkah preparations that are getting done this weekend.
  • A little grouchy.  Trying to decide whether the relief of ditching the holiday party would be worth disappointing Stubb and the hosts.  (Stubb and the Snork Maiden would still go, I think.  I probably should go too.)