Well, well, well

Feeling a bit foolish, I shared my anxiety about the Snork Maiden with Dr. Tea and Lucinda today at lunch.  (I had just been meeting with a student in the Snork Maiden’s class who had to run off with an extra practice DBQ* essay she had written to discuss it with the AP European History teacher she and the Snork Maiden share–the Snork Maiden would almost certainly never write an extra practice DBQ for any reason.  AP Euro is her favorite class, though, or maybe it’s tied with English.)  They reminded me that I don’t want the Snork Maiden to be an anxiety-ridden perfectionist, and that I don’t even want her to have ambitions in that direction; I want her to have a good sense of self, resilience, intellectual curiosity, and a thoughtful view about how she chooses to spend her time.  Dr. Tea pointed out that she is not going to peak in the first semester of her sophomore year.  Lucinda observed that she herself barely did any work in school and turned out more or less fine.  I laughed and calmed down.

*Document-Based Question, for those of you who are not, or have never been, AP History students.


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  1. It’s good to have sensible friends talk us off the ledge when we need it!


  2. Posted by Pym Fan on December 11, 2014 at 5:21 am

    I myself was an anxiety-ridden perfectionist in high school, and what a waste of energy! I’m impressed now by people who managed to find and pursue things they truly enjoyed in high school (like theater and music, in the Snork Maiden’s case) rather than blindly trying to obey the many (often contradictory) voices in that world. (This, of course, from someone who does NOT have a child in high school. Good luck with that.)


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