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The weather has gone cold and wet. And neither the Snork Maiden nor I has gotten a real, full night’s sleep this week. There actually seem to be fewer students missing school because of illness than I would normally expect this time of year, but that could change at any moment.  I feel just on the edge of something, like one wrong move and I will be enveloped in a viral miasma.

This weekend we have an open house for prospective students, so I need to be gearing up for that. And I need to be well. In fact–though, obviously, stuff happens and you deal–it would be better not to get sick in the remaining 16 days until break. (Ack!  Is that really all it is?) Or during break, of course.  Or after it.  Could I just have a free pass for the rest of the year?

I had a sub for the one class I had on Tuesday because I was co-chaperoning a service learning event.  It was a pretty straightforward in-class assignment–they could work in pairs or small groups on the first part (15 minutes), and then do the second part on their own (25 minutes). The sub a) didn’t collect the assignment, but told the students to take it home; b) answered some of their questions about The Great Gatsby by telling them things that happen later in the book; c) told them one of her dreams, which they described to me on Wednesday in surprising (but G-rated) detail.  So I’m particularly interested in not having a sub before winter break, too.