Beaten, seared, and sauced

It will be almost all grownups on campus today.  A lot of the kids, including the Snork Maiden, are working on community service projects, and some have left town for Thanksgiving.  It’s a work day for non-teaching staff–for some of them, that means a special project day; for others, a close-to-normal day; for the office staff, a day that contains fewer than a thousand constant interruptions.  There’s a safety drill down at the lower school area this morning. The school is providing lunch from a Mexican carryout place for anyone who’s working on campus, and as you know, I love a festive lunch with my colleagues, so I’m going in.  And I’ll probably get some work done, too.  (Okay, seriously, I have to go in.  The last ten days have been so dominated by Committee Thing that it was all I could do to get some sad little batches of quizzes back to the kids. I’ve got some serious catching up to do.  But the lunch thing sweetens the deal.)

I started a post about the Ferguson conversations my seniors had yesterday.  It was intense, but worthwhile. Definitely not the sometimes scattered day-before-a-break vibe. But it’s going to take longer for me to sort out my thoughts about those.


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