The road to Dune

I’m liking these Dune titles because this week has felt a bit like being on a planet with a hostile–well, let’s say challenging–environment.

I was at school from 10:30-12:45 yesterday, then at a lunch for two of the visiting people, then back at school in the evening for the fall play.  I will be back there today as well: I’ll bring the Snork Maiden to campus for her call, two hours in advance of curtain; I’ll go down to my classroom and get together some grading; and then from an hour before curtain to the moment the students go out to take their curtain call, I’ll be sitting (most likely) in the greenroom, chaperoning.

Chaperoning backstage is usually a time when one could get work done, although, historically, I often haven’t gotten very much done because I’m watching the kids’ antics, or chatting with someone, or maybe reading.  I think I’ll be motivated enough, and organized enough, to do better today, because the two-day week ahead needs to be an efficient one: I’ve got to get back to the students certain assignments that I was too busy to deal with this week, and I’ve got to get my seniors launched on their next essay, and so on.

Usually a weekend spent at school means a difficult Monday during which I feel I didn’t have enough of a break.  I’ll probably feel a bit like that on Monday, but hey: two-day week. (Usually I chaperone a community service project on the day before Thanksgiving.  This year I decided to give it a miss.)

Before the Thanksgiving break, though, I have to get through a lot of discussions about what went down this past week, and a committee meeting out of which a recommendation is meant to come.  I’m not settled in my own mind about what that recommendation should be.  That’s probably as it should be, because I have a lot more people to listen to, and the meeting should be–as so much else in this process has been–a genuine discussion rather than a battle between armies. I think it will be, but I also think it will be hard, and that there is no outcome that will fill everyone with confidence. We’re just going to have to struggle forward in a messy human way.  Rats.


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