God emperor of Dune

Okay, weird: I came back to WordPress after posting crankily about the latest changes, and mysteriously I arrived back at the old “posting experience,” the new-post page that was the default before the “improved posting experience” that rolled out awhile back.  Hm.  Well, thanks, whoever you are.

I came back because I wanted to complain some more that while websurfing for relaxation before bed, I came across yet another infuriating flipped-classroom article that intimates that high-school English (specifically English–but I’m not linking this stupid article) could relegate “lectures” to videos watched at home and spend class time doing “class projects” and “group work.”  First of all, I don’t know any teacher who spends serious high-school English-class time “lecturing.”  Even when I was in school, almost thirty years ago, English “lectures” were not a thing.  And second, “class projects” and “group work” are just descriptions of activities with no attention paid to the content or skills involved–or, of course, to the design of the “projects” and “work.”  It’s kind of like telling you that your office should spend less time “pushing paper,” and more time in “brainstorming” and “projects.”  Well, who am I to tell you how you and your co-workers should spend your time in order to serve the core function of your business?  Hey, I buy widgets and use services!  Clearly I know how you should do your job!



2 responses to this post.

  1. And the question remains (for classroom flippers): when does the reading happen?

    (That always brings flippers to a stop. But how do they not account for reading time in most classes? Heck, even math classes I took had reading. Everything else had lots more, including science classes.)


  2. Exactly! Amen!


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