Yes, I did eat some of my groceries today.  I also ate a little paper boat full of sweet-potato fries (but not the little paper boat).

I ate many other things, too, but maybe I won’t bore you with the details.

The sweetest thing was coming home early–and by early, I mean “when the school day ended”–and talking a little with Stubb but otherwise not talking.

On Thursday, we continue having public and semi-public events, and then there’s a separately planned, long-scheduled event for middle-school parents to learn about the high-school program.  I will be paired with Eveline, the history chair, and we’ll give presentations to rotating groups of parents.  I know I did this last year–I touched up the PowerPoint today–but, disturbingly, I have no memory of doing it.  Either it was blessedly uneventful or so unpleasant that I’ve just blocked it out.

Food is going to be a theme again tomorrow, because there is no time slot in which to eat dinner.  The most obvious breaks for meals happen at 10:45 AM and 2:15 PM, so those will probably be breakfast and lunch.  I can probably sneak in a snack at 6 as long as it’s something I can eat quickly and unobtrusively and not spill on myself.


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  1. I’m experimenting with keeping a food log, and I think it’ll be my at-school eating that will be the most appalling to read. Today, for example, I forgot to pack a lunch and ended up lucking into some leftover class potluck food–my plate was half-full of macaroni and cheese and the other half was chicken and rice. Probably a day’s worth of carbs and fat in there, but it was so warm and tasty!


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