Served cold

So today I remembered to take my carefully prepared bag of groceries.  I was busy in the morning prepping and giving a makeup test, so I quickly ate an egg sandwich from the cafeteria for breakfast before teaching.  At lunchtime, I had to make some copies and pop in on a meeting, so I ate a protein bar and taught my second and third classes.  By a 3 PM meeting, I was hungry again, so I ate two snacks from the meeting snack bowl: a package of freeze-dried Fuji apples and a gingerbread Fiber One 90 calorie bar (the cinnamon one is better, but I hadn’t tried the gingerbread).  Then I trotted a campus visitor back and forth until it was time for a catered dinner meeting.  Dinner was good–couscous, fish, asparagus, salad, and apple tart.

You may have noticed (if you’ve continued reading this What I Ate Today entry) that I didn’t actually use any of my carefully prepared bag of groceries.  Maybe tomorrow.


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