The guns of November

SA is closed on Tuesday in observance of Veterans Day, which I selfishly appreciate because Monday happens to be a light day for me in our rotating schedule, and I expect to get some serious grading done over these two days.  Which I’ll need, because I didn’t work this weekend.  I took a long drive in order to have lunch with a friend I rarely get to see, and the Snork Maiden and I took my sister’s kids to see the musical at school.

She and I usually do two or three loads of laundry on the weekend–tonight I’m doing just one.  I had to scrape some gum from her pockets out of the dryer.  Freezing it with ice, and then chipping at it with a knife, works.  A putty knife would have been better, I think, but I couldn’t find one.

Still slowly and gently easing back into exercising, feeling a little creaky and noticing more aches and pains than usual.  Exercise should help once the initial soreness wears off.  Not enough time during the week–it was a hairy week, actually, with report-card comments and a few departmental challenges.  I managed to get in a couple more observations, though, and have now done both drop-in and scheduled observations of all three new teachers.  I still have to do at least one more scheduled observation of both Olivia and Miranda.  Orlando’s are done.  I’ve also done Orsino’s and Dr. Tea’s, and I’ve scheduled Romola and Sebastian for this week.  There’s also a Middle School department meeting and a department chairs’ meeting this week–so I am extra appreciative of Tuesday’s day off.  (I know this is not really the spirit of the holiday.)


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