Three cups of tea

I walked into the faculty workroom earlier this week and New Spanish Teacher was drinking coffee out of MY mug.  We don’t have communal dishes, people.  I have my very own mug that I use every day; it’s a souvenir from this exhibition. Before I got it, I used a mug from the NLNRU book fair.  I didn’t say anything.

Later, I saw that he had washed it and left it in the dish drainer.

The next morning, I saw him drinking out of the History of Art mug that belongs to the history teacher mentioned in this post. And the same afternoon, I heard him mention to another teacher that he had used somebody’s mug by accident.  I have a feeling the history teacher said something.  So now I don’t have to.  (He hasn’t used my mug since–or anyone else’s that I know of.)

Which is good, because I’ve been busy making myself unpopular by pointing out lapses of communication to our communication people.  Since I started on the new committee, I seem to see lapses of communication everywhere at SA.  Internal and external.  It’s a problem.  I realize it’s not my problem, at least not in the sense of being able to fix it.  However, I am a school parent as well as a staff member, so I can see when the school isn’t informing parents about an event they probably should be informing parents about.  An event they want parents to attend!  But no one is going to attend if they don’t know it’s happening, or if they don’t know until a few days before the event.

The IT problem, such as it is, is a communication problem too, but things seem to have settled a lot now that all the new people and new devices are up and running.  Still, though. It’s more complicated than I would have realized to ensure that people are informed of the things of which they ought to be informed.

You might point out that I can’t criticize, considering that I couldn’t even tell an individual colleague not to drink out of my mug.  However, I might counter that my message got across just fine.  I waited not twenty-four hours and someone else delivered it for me.


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